Thursday, March 8, 2007

About Sue Scheff

Sue Scheff is a Parent Advocate.

Sue Scheff is about Parents Helping Parents.

Sue Scheff promotes Parent Awareness.

Sue Scheff believes that educating parents on an industry that is extremely confusing is the first step to finding the best help for their teen.

Until a parent has a teen that is struggling, they are completely foreign to the industry of teen help. Sue Scheff’s personal experiences in 2000 are what prompted her to create her organization, Parent’s Universal Resource Experts, Inc. (PURE).

Sue Scheff believes an educated parent has the knowledge to see through the glossy brochures and slick DVD’s or video’s.

Sue Scheff recognizes the politics’ in this industry of teen help, and helps sift through the confusion. Sue Scheff offers assistance in how to research schools and programs – helpful hints in investigating schools and programs. Questions to ask schools and programs and Helpful Hints.
Sue Scheff helps connect parents throughout the country that are silently suffering with today’s teens and issues and feel that they are alone in their feelings.

Sue Scheff continues to visit schools and programs, listens to parent feedback and student feedback as a powerful tool in locating quality schools and programs.

Since 2001 Sue Scheff has grown her organization, Parent’s Universal Resource Expert’s (PURE), to be widely recognized throughout the country and world.

Sue Scheff is a Member of the Better Business Bureau for the past 4 years and is recognized for their integrity, sound professional advice, honesty and more.

Sue Scheff has fought a legal battle when people thought she should simply remove her website and go away. Sue decided to be a voice for all those that are silenced. After a 2+ year legal battle against a huge multi-million dollar organization – Sue Scheff, after being emotionally ripped apart, continued to fight for the children’s rights. Sue Scheff won against World Wide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools (WWASPS aka WWASP) in a Jury Trial in their home state of Utah.

In June 2006, Sue Scheff again defeats WWASPS in the Appellate Court. Sue Scheff is someone that is sometimes criticized on forums and blogs in an effort to discredit her. However her voice is stronger than ever for the parents that are desperate and at their wits end! The attempt to silence Sue Scheff was lost, and she will continue her fight for parent awareness in educating parents.

Sue Scheff and PURE received a constant stream of thank letters, emails and cards for their hard work and time they put into helping others. Please review the testimonials.

Many professionals such as Lawyers, Therapists, Doctors, and others refer to PURE and Sue Scheff to help their clients. Please review our excellent references.
Sue Scheff and PURE are not about textbook studies, they based on reality. They deal with real life people with real feelings and emotions needing help. Letting people know they are no alone when their teen is spiraling out of control.

Sue Scheff and PURE work with organizations such as Coalition against Institutionalized Children Abuse (CAICA) to help bring about awareness of children in our country.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests, Sue Scheff is in the final stages of her book that will be an influential book of what desperate parents are saying today, options and alternatives, as well as real life experiences. Wit’s End will be available Spring 2008.

Sue Scheff was contacted by Zadig Production in France in 2002 to assist with a documentary that outlined the alleged abuse of teens today in facilities as well as her publicized trial that she won against WWASPS in 2004. The film aired in Australia in 2006, however is not scheduled for release in the United States yet.

Sue Scheff has been featured on CBS Nightly News with Katie Couric, CNN Headline News, Fox News, KFI Talk Radio with John and Ken, and many news articles including USA Today, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Sun Sentinel, Asian Tribune, Washington Times and many more both Nationally and Internationally.

Sue Scheff was recently on WNN 1470 AM Health Talk Radio discussing the need for parent awareness. Sue Scheff encouraged people to take a moment and sign the International Petition to End Child Abuse at sponsored by CAICA.

Sue Scheff recognizes there are survivors of programs from many, many years ago that suffered the ultimate price. Sue feels pain for their experiences, however realizes that closing all programs is not the solution – helping parents find safe and qualified schools that can benefit today’s teens is what is needed.

Sue Scheff recognizes that the private teen programs and schools should have stronger regulations and guidelines, but until that happens, we need to continue to do our research to find the better programs. There are no perfect schools and programs out there; but making a mistake and selecting the wrong one may be very expensive, and not just in terms of money.

Sue Scheff and PURE believe in:

Helping Teens – not Harming Them
Building them up – not Breaking them down
Positive and Nurturing Environments – not Punitive
Family Involvement in Programs – not Isolation from the teen
Protect Children – not Punish them